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Planning a trip to New Orleans? Join us for the most entertaining and fact-filled private French Quarter tours available. Don't end your New Orleans vacation without joining us on a private walking tour of the French Quarter!

"Being on Tour with Royal Tours is like having a new best friend in the French Quarter!"

Our Tours

French Quarter History Tour

Bright colors, lively jazz music, unique architecture, and the kind of vibrant characters only seen in movies. There really is no other place like the French Quarter.

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French Quarter Haunted Ghost Tour

When the sun sets and the streets turn dark, another side of the city emerges. Let us share the stories and legends of the spirits that still haunt the French Quarter.

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St Louis #1 Cemetery

Come join us for one of the most popular sightseeing tours in New Orleans, our very own City of the Dead.

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LGBT Pride History

We are the first tour company in New Orleans to speak about the history of the Gay and Lesbian experience and history in New Orleans. We will show you the locations and tell you about the people who helped make the French Quarter a haven for all.

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New Orleans Red Light District Tour

From luxurious bordellos, to dank cribs and dark alleys, prostitution was critical to the founding of early New Orleans. Learn the stories behind some of the most colorful and intriguing women to walk the streets of New Orleans

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Our Reviews

"Definitely do a Royal Tours walking tour when you visit New Orleans. It is so worth it! I would absolutely recommend this."

- Noelle B, Nashville TN

"Our guide was a local with lots of knowledge about the history of New Orleans and pride in her heritage. We would highly recommend this tour to our friends!"

- Alissa L, Aspen CO

"Our tour guide was...very knowledgeable about her city. Gave us good recommendations for places to eat and drink. Any questions we had, she had the answers. We went on the French district tour for two, but she gave us a little bit of everything.... She was awesome!"

- Johnny M, San Antonio TX

(We had) a great tour guide, very knowledgable, a great story teller. He does his research and has excellent inside info about the French Quarter. I felt like we were getting a much better tour experience than other people on other tours. Plus, (he) took us to locations outside of the standard ghost tour route, and we felt lucky to have him as a tour guide. We thoroughly enjoyed the tour.

- Paul M, Franklin TN

Why Us?

Why choose Royal Tours for a private tour?

Ah, that's an easy question to answer. When you you visit New Orleans, you will not have difficulty finding a tour company that will quickly take your cash and send you off with a large group on some pre-fab tour. We see the groups of 25, 30, sometimes 40 people being herded down the streets like so much cattle, told the same stories in robotic, assembly line fashion. And, if you left New Orleans with that as your experience, we understand how you may not give it a second thought, thinking that is just how it is. However,...

If you think you deserve better, we agree.

We love New Orleans, we love our beautiful French Quarter, and we appreciate the people who come to visit. We want you to have a better experience.

We will give you a more personal and intimate view of the French Quarter

We work with your private group to create a tour based on your interests. Suppose you want our popular French Quarter History Tour but are also interested in some of the local ghost stories or the history of the New Orleans Red Light District. No problem! We will customize the tour on the fly. We are not afraid to go off-script and off the beaten path.

In short, you won't be treated like cattle by Royal Tours.

Since our tours are private personal experiences, you are actually able to interact with the tour guide. If you have questions, we will address them (try that when you are in the back of a group of 30 people on the typical tour). This also makes our tours a great way to gain insider knowledge about the French Quarter. Want to know who has the best gumbo or etouffee or where to find the best live music? Don't be afraid to ask. Think of it this way...

Being on tour with Royal Tours is like having a new best friend in the French Quarter!

We want to help you have a better New Orleans vacation. Book with Royal Tours, and experience the difference a private tour makes.

Our Commitment

If you are interested in New Orleans sightseeing, please join Royal Tours for the best French Quarter walking tours available. Whether it is the St. Louis Cemetery Tour, the Haunted Ghost Tour, the Red Light District Tour, the LGBT Tour, or the French Quarter History Tour, we promise to entertain you with the most fascinating legends and fact-filled stories all told by our long term resident tour guides.

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